2011 - 2012 Grant Recipients

$15, 541.17 is Awarded this Year!

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Breakdown of Grants Awarded for 2011-2012

The total amount of grants awarded this year

 totals $15,541.17.   

Amount School Teacher


Project Title


$299.79 Pell City High Micha Anez



Dissecting Science

$91.79 Eden Elementary Kimberly Anglin


Words for Winners


$280.50 Kennedy Diane Baker


Dancing with the 

Reading Stars

$300.00 Pell City High Monique Bowman


A Tale of Government


$298.70 Coosa Valley


Murdoch Brascho


Listen Closely!


$287.95 Coosa Valley


Murdoch Brascho


Listen to Learn


$300.00 Kennedy JenniferBryant


Banners for Good 


$265.92 Kennedy Monica Christian


Reading and Writing

Centers Oh My!

$225.00 Eden Elementary Amy Clardy


Math/ Literature


$219.90 Iola Roberts Connie Conolley


Write On


$300.00 Duran South Jerry Crowder


Color My World with


$290.49 Coosa Valley Valerie Curtis


Herrrrrre's Classroom


$274.85 Coosa Valley Valerie Curtis


Amazing Science 

through Literacy!

$222.33 Duran North Donya Deal


Letter Writing: Making 

Connections Through 

Written Word

$273.36 Duran North Donya Deal


Teaching Shakespeare 

Through Performance

$212.50 Coosa Valley Kathy Dent


Fractions, Decimals,

and Percents Grant

$256.15 Duran North Sondra Dile




$297.16 Iola Roberts Monica Dishongh


Exploring Our World


$279.73 Iola Roberts Monica Dishongh


Our Lives Are 

"Center"ed Around 


$171.36 Iola Roberts Jennifer Donaldson


Early Life (or Death)

Skills Building

$241.55 Pell City High Cherith Fluker


Classroom Library


$143.80 Pell City High Cherith Fluker


Activity Packs for


$251.55 Coosa Valley Christy Ginn


Making Math Managable


$201.09 Eden Elementary Kim Glidewell


Magnetic Board Fun


$299.99 Coosa Valley & Williams

Janet White



Speech Buddies


$195.62 Eden Elementary Vickie Hartzog


The Amazing Gross  

Human Body

$138.46 Eden Elementary Kelly Hicks


Reading to Succeed


$278.64 Duran North Lorraine Hill


"Way-In" Books for 

a Science

$300.00 Kennedy Regina Hubbard


Caution: Readers at 


$281.56 Iola Roberts Leslie Hughes


Hands-On Science


$298.03 Duran North Alyson Jackson


Any Language As a 

Second Language!

$256.11 Williams Intermediate Paulette Jimmerson


Whisper Phones

Raising Results

$79.99 Coosa Valley Meagan Jolly


4-Station Listening   


$220.55 Duran North Charles Jones


Engineering Marvels


$269.00 Pell City High Bridgett Junkin


Video Advantage


$297.54 Iola Roberts Melissa A Kelley


Listen, Learn & Love  


$125.29 Coosa Valley Terry Kincaid


2-n-1 Graphing Dry  

Erase Boards

$284.05 Duran North Wendy Latham


Algebra Equals Success


$292.56 Duran North Wendy Latham


Graphing Calculators  

and Visualization  

in the Classroom

$297.99 Kennedy Amy Lee


Pop, Pop Popcorn Words


$300.00 Pell City High Tara McBurnett


Weapons of Math 


$125.00 Coosa Valley  Kristin McLendon


Look It Up!


$288.67 Pell City High Eric E Muth


Innovative Demonstration


$300.00 Pell City High School Alison Newton & Katie Frost


"The Scarlet Letter is

Tattered and Torn"

$150.00 Duran North Rhonda Nolin


See the World at 

a Glance

$200.00 Duran North Rhonda Nolin


"The View"


$298.00 Duran North Julie Payne


Nook eReaders-Because

We're Worth It!

$103.44 Iola Roberts Michele Perry


Math Is On Our Mind


$157.83 Iola Roberts Michele Perry


Phonics is Fun!


$285.80 Pell City High Lisa Pope


Social Skills 911


$300.00 Pell City High Shawn E Schofield & Amy Fall 


Real espanal- ! Muy

Rapido y Muy Facil!

$248.75 Iola Roberts Brittany Simmons


Listen & Learn Letter 

Sounds Listening Center

$162.38 Iola Roberts Brittany Simmons


Interactive Pocket Charts


$209.35 Pell City High Christy Smith


When am I ever going 

to use this?

$150.00 Kennedy Misty Smith


Dear Santa!


$242.00 Kennedy Misty Smith


Let's Go Panther Readers!


$91.94 Coosa Valley Debra Stephens


Circle Time Learning Center


$280.60 Kennedy Brittney Turner


Mission Possible


$229.54 Kennedy Charlotte Wallace


Language Learning Centers


$180.00 Duran North Racheal White


"Have No Fear:


is Here"

$101.94 Coosa Valley Marcie Wood


Reader's Theater #1


$31.99 Coosa Valley Marcie Wood


Reader's Theater #2





Pell City High


Marie Word


All Hands on Deck 

$278.55 Pell City High Marie Word


"Element" ary, my

dear Watson

$230.00 Kennedy Trish Wright


Read More Books


$250.00 Kennedy Trish Wright


Recipe for Remarkable 


$179.15 Eden Elementary Sunni Wyatt


Circuit! Circuit!